High Performance Concrete Protection and Professional Waterproofing

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Our latest project took over a month and involved a very complicated Wastewater Tank within the rocks of Norway.  It has been completed and heavily tested to make sure that no future leakages occur. It is very difficult to drain Granite  Rocks and make sure wastewater leakage does not leak into the groundwater. There are many sensors within the concrete to control if leakage occurs, but it will never happen.  Refer to our  Oil platforms in the Ocean section http://www.komsol.eu/site/en/references.html

This Wastewater tank project is another huge project based on our very high technical support and engineering team combined with our outstanding product, Innerseal, manufactured by Komsol.

We have done similar projects for bunkers for civil protection as in the case of an Atomic attack in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the US. These Bunkers are now mainly used as parking garages.

We have many bunkers for NATO and in Saud Arabia protecting huge oil depots underground which we protected with Innerseal more than 40 years ago! As well as similar water tanks storage in all kind of sizes in many countries.

Please bear in mind there is almost no concrete problem we can't solve better and more efficient as anyone else in the World using our product Innerseal, as proved scientifically, it increases the lifetime of concrete by up to 3 times.





Komsol Innerseal products have been approved worldwide for their ability to extend the lifetime of concrete up to 3 times.