High Performance Concrete Protection and Professional Waterproofing

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Under normal circumstances  concrete consists of five different components.  These are sand, gravel, cement, water and air.  The water and air in the concrete cause hardening and result in  pores and capillaries forming.   These pores and capillaries act as an effective transport system for water.   This water causes contamination in the material, which in turn will reduce the quality of concrete.

This is where Controll Innerseal takes effect and produces a biochemical reaction with concrete and creates new material inside the substrate. This material contains the best abilities to prevent penetration of moist, corrosion, acid attack and salt.



Controll Innerseal was originally developed and specialized for industrial and professional use.  The mixture exclusively contains components from well known suppliers with ISO-certification.  The chemical recipe has been developed by experts, and all products have been tested repeatedly.    View our Cerificate and Reports section to view in-depth tests and certificates authenticating Controll Innerseal and Controll Topseal as one of the best concrete sealers in the market.


Approved and well recognised institutions such as Sintef and Byggforsk have verified the effects of Controll Innerseal.   KOMSOL International with more than 45 years experience in solving damp and humidity problems can guarantee that use of Controll Innerseal is an effective problem solver/prevention for all concrete constructions.


Economy Control Innerseal is applicable both from the inside and from outside of construction. Excavation is often time consuming, comprehensive and expensive. Since Controll Innerseal is simple to use, effective and permanent to apply, it makes it cost effective and one of the most popular concrete sealers on the marked today.
Simple and effective appliance Concrete is treatable also when moist/wet. The appliance and use of product is so simple that anyone can do it.
Durability Treatment with Controll Innerseal gives a permanent protection.
Sealing Moist penetration (capillaries) is a challenge often met concerning concrete terrace plates and foundation walls. Controll Innerseal also has a restraining effect on the formation of mould, fungus and corrosion damage on armour inside the concrete.
Environmental Controll Innerseal is non-toxic, friendly to the environment and may be used everywhere, inside and outside. The product is non-toxic, non- combustible, odour-less and colourless and contains no solvents.
Strength Controll Innerseal has a strengthening, sealing, hardening and a dust-closing effect on all concrete products. Besides improving the concrete quality, Controll Innerseal will also prolong and amend the effect on duration of paint.
Diffusion open While Controll Innerseal allows concrete to breathe and evaporate humidity (diffusion open), the product will still stop water, oil, acids and other demolishing substances from penetrating. Even though diffusion opening is of vital significance to keep an all over satisfactory quality on concrete, this ability is not characteristic for a whole lot of the products on the market.

Although the technical details and recommendations contained in this data sheet correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience, all the above information must, in every case, be taken as merely indicative and subject to confirmation after long term practical applications; for this reason, anyone who intends to use the Inner and Topseal must ensure before used that it is suitable for the envisaged application in every case.  The user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from use of our products.

Komsol Innerseal products have been approved worldwide for their ability to extend the lifetime of concrete up to 3 times.